Web app and Amoco back office

Ergonomics, design and development of a web app and a back office which allow a synthetic and dynamic display of the CORG* patrols. This project began with the initiative of the warrant officer Philip from the LAGORD gendarmery in the frame of a POC (Proof of concept) funded by the DGA (Directorate General of Armaments). It will be deployed in the CORG of the region in 2017 and can be spread then with a national plan in 2018.

* Gendarmery intelligence center of operation

Web app features

A web app that enables you to display on three big screens the patrols tables, the tear-off calendar, the cartography, web pages (etc.) in real time which supply to the officers a dynamic display and a modern and efficient working tool.

  • Patrols monitoring and creation
  • Annuars display
  • Memos and notes display and creation
  • In real time
  • Different display in function of the current program (emergency plan, nominal plan, etc.)

    Back office features

    Back office which enables the creation and the configuration of the companies, the officers and their organisation, and create annuars and memos as well as manage the different displays following the selected plan.

    • Creation, managing and organisation of the companies
    • Web app configuration
    • Creation of plans and their displays
    • Creation and managing of the annuars
    • Creation and managing of the memos and notes