Web Application for the GENDARMERIE


This application is a back-office Web for the Gendarmerie with an important design to allow multiple screens for decision making. It is used by the CORG* «  Centre Opérationnel de Renseignement de la Gendarmerie ». It allows the synthetic display of all the patrols combined with special informations and emergency contacts. This project was initiated as a proof of concept by chief warrant officer, Mr Philip, from the Gendarmerie of LAGORD. It has been funded by the DGA ( Direction Général de l’Armement) and it will be deployed in every center CORG in France.

*Intelligence and security center of the GENDARMERIE

Features :

Patrol monitoring

Agenda management and display

Briefing and memos notes

Emergency plans information display

Real time


Features of the Back-office:

Management and organisation

Creating plans and their displays

Creation and management of directories and management of memos and notes

Setting up the web application


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