Tablet app and e-longlife back office

Ergonomics, design, and development of a mobile app on mobile devices and a back office.

Tablette Taz Tag

Features of the tablet app

The app permits to collect information from the E-Longlife system customers and supply power to african citizens via the renting of a solar battery and household electricals. The collect is done from a tablet TazTag.

  • Create or consult a subscriber’s form
  • Subscribe to contracts (solar battery or household electricals)
  • Scan an ID card
  • Record a fingerprint
  • Etc.

Back office features

  • Create or consult subscribers’ forms
  • Consult or start alarms
  • Create or consult the forms of the collectors in the fields
  • Enable or disable solar batteries remotely
  • Create or cancel contracts
  • Consult the solar batteries state
  • Etc.

A communication between the systems

A web display is available for every country. It centralises all the information linked to the customers, products, delivery interventions and maintenance. The system communics in real time via APIs with several secured remote servers for the management of technical alerts, weather and financial controls. The solution is deployed throughout the Sahel.