Application Know Your Customer


E-longlife, is a project made for the company Brentronics, the world leader for military battery and charger. The aim of the project id to provide rurale electrification in Africa with a product called HES, for Home Energy System. HES is a battery powered by solar panels, able to deliver electricity 24 hours per day. In addition, The company sells other household appliances such as TV, Fridge, cooling fan, … This project is composed of many peaces of software : a mobile Application, a web software for the back-office and multiple API’s for the connexion to external databases in the USA and in Africa. The project not only allows the sales management but also the payment management and the maintenance contract management.


Features for the mobile Application :

To create and modify customer account

To Create and follow the contracts for HES and household appliances

To check alerts on equipments

Features of the Back-office :

To check the status of the HES

To Create and modify customer accounts

To remotely activate or deactivate HES

icone facture

To check payments

icone sms

Sending SMS campaigns on demand

Manage alarms


Features of the form application :

Create and edit subscribers

Create kits and equipment contracts

Communication between systems :

E-longlide is deployed in many countries in the region of Africa, known as the « Sahel ». Each country has its own database and setup but it always allows the complete and autonomous management of their customers, their payments and their maintenance contracts. API’s are local or global depending if they hit local servers for meteo or bank transfer or if they hit distant servers in the USA for technical matters.


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