By “digital product”, we mean, a solution that can gathers one or several mobile apps, one or several web software (back-office), one or several connected devices, some displays with other information systems (API), networks and communications protocols.

In this case, UBIDREAMS is offering a whole range of services:

  • A technical feasibility study by qualifying some materials and realizing tests on connected devices, the protocols and communication study, the choice of the treatment card and sensors, the power supply logic, the components integration.
  • The modelling. Which consists in the analysis and study of the customers path, the Wireframes, the display design, the graphic chart and the construction of the demonstration model with the series of animated screens. UBIDREAMS is using the Marwel app software for the models creation.
  • The prototype creation or POC (Proof Of Concept). UBIDREAMS is conceiving and creating physical models by assembling the electronic components and connected devices, by developing a test version of the web softwares and digital apps, by creating specific pieces with 3D printing, by creating test games and validation scenarios of the prototype and assists its customers on their website or in lab for the elaboration of the Proof Of Concept.
  • The package development of softwares and software packages. In some particular circumstances, when the software expected by the customer is presenting the opportunity of being sold to other customers of the same type, UBIDREAMS can offer to develop the professional solution of this customer and create a software package. In this case, UBIDREAMS is compelling with its customer by offering the development of the software in exchange for the buying of an operating licence by the customer. In this case, the lines of code developed by UBIDREAMS will stay its property. The selling of the software package is made by UBIDREAMS and its customer is helping the development along by playing the role of active reference of the software package.