Mobile app to manage your former students association 

A mobile and web app for students of your school

How does it work ?

This mobile app is intended for students and former students of your school. It allows the users to read the news of the association, to contact other students and to participate in events.

The mobile app is also intended for recruiters who can publish job offers.

For the administration, a back-office allows the association to manage students directory, to write news, to create and manage new events and to send push notification to groups of Alumni.

    Photo de la page d'accueil dans un smartphone

    Mobile app functionnalities :

    icone news

    Read the news of the associaition

    icone calendrier

    Participate in events

    icone equipe

    Visualize the Alumni profiles

    icone pin

    Find the alumni near you

    icone list

    Consult and post job offers

    Back office functionnalities:

    icone equipe

    Manage the Alumi directory (add, groups...)

    icone news

    Write news

    icone calendrier

    Create and manage events (schedule, accounts, participants...)

    icone sms

    Send notifications to group of Alumni

    icone list

    Manage the published job offers

    image du back office UbiNetwork


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