Mr Voyage

Mobile Application for Chinese tourists in Paris


When a chinese tourist prepares his trip to Paris, The Mr Voyage Application accessible in chinese language allows him to book a taxi to go from the airport to his hotel and also to book preset trips in Paris or to choose and build his trip from a list of points of interests like la Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame de Paris, Le Louvre, and some prestigious shops la samaritaine, le Bon marché, Les galeries Lafayettes, Fauchon, La durée, Van Cleef. Chinese taxis in Paris use the same Application to see the request of tourists and propose their services. Then the platform manager uses the back-office to assign the taxi to the tourist. When the tourist is in Paris, he pays his taxi fare with an electronic wallet in IOS or Androïd directly to the phone of the Taxi. The owner of the platform get commissions from the taxis and the shops where tourists have made some shoping.

Features :

To book a taxi for various type of trips (To the airport, From the airport, From point A to B, for one day, for preset trip)

To create personalised trip in Paris

To choose the type of car and preferences

To get information on a Point of Interest

To pay by ewallet

More information

Features of the back-office :

Manage the taxi drivers

Manage the points of interests and preset trips

Manage adverts and cashback

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