Pré-ventes port de Pêche

Mobile App & back-office for the management of forward sales of fish and shellfish.


The solution is composed on one side of a software accessible throug the web for the fishing Harbor or the wholesaler to describe in advance the arrival of fish and on the other side of a mobile Application for the buyers. Fish and shellfish are sorted by species, size, quantity and price and the system allows sellers to create  virtual private market places for professional buyers. Buyers are notified on their smartphone each time a new « PREVENTE » is created. They also can view on their mobile the history of their purchase and receive professional news. PREVENTE creates a strong link between buyers and sellers of fish.

Features of the mobile application :

To be notified in real time of new sales

To place purchase order

To visualise history of purchase

To read specific professional news

To be informed in real time by its sellers

Feature of the back-office :

To create customer account

To create private sales for their customers

To advert and inform their customers

To receive purchase order


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