Mobile app for a gallery in augmented reality

Beacon inside technology – Ergonomics, design, development of an app using the beacon technology for an interactive exhibition.

exposition interactive rwanda 20 ans après

Interactive exhibition Rwanda 20 years after:

The app was created in the within the scope of a Moovin Project (Financing from the Local Council Community of La Rochelle).

Every visitor who owns the app can move in the different zones of the exhibition.

Each zone has a beacon which allows to make appear different medias on the phones in relation with the photos from one zone. These medias can be pictures slideshows, a video, a comment, some questions linked to the photo, etc.

Each participant can answer the questions and leave audio comments.

This app is totally transposable to any galleries, museums, amusement parks or wildlife parks, because UBIDREAMS is supplying an additional entire environnement including a content administration back office and assists its customers in the setting and optimisation of their beacons emplacement.

How does it work?

When a smartphone is in a beacon area, it receives a signal from it and then, it can download medias via a server.

The user then receive immediately the media associated to the zone in which he is on his smartphone.

By leaving the zone, the signal is cut off and the media disappeared.

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