Sea Tags mobile app and connected bangle

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application mobile sea tags

Features :

  • Instant localisation on a map and speed, course and GPS position consulting (knots)
  • Sending of an assistance demand by a  geolocated message or call
  • In case of emergency, a contact of the closest rescue services
  • Geolocated alert and assistance in case of a man overboard
  • Pair the bangle to the app
  • Add a personalised message to receive by sms if there is a man overboard
  • Start the sea surveillance
  • Etc.

Available for Android and IOS

How does it work?

The Sea Tags bangles are provided with a beacon which produces a continuous signal received by one or several phones that have the app.

Before every trip in the sea, the commander in chief scan the available QR codes behind every bangle to save them.

When the bangle is too far away or is submerged in the water, the signal is cut off and an alarm go off saving the GPS position at the time of the incident.

Sea Tags is the laureate of the innovation competition during Brest’s Sea trade fair and won the Dame Award during the Mets Trade.

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