Man overboard safety application and connected bracelet


The project was made for the company SECUTIRAG. The Bracelet is sold worldwide by the shipchandlers and the App is free to dowload from the stores IOS and Androïd. UBIDREAMS made the first version of this product and helped SECURITAG to study and specify the beacons embedded into the bracelet. Sea-Tags wristbands continuously transmit a signal that is monitored by one or more telephones equipped with the application. If a wristband is immersed or far away, the signal is interrupted and the telephone(s) trigger an alarm and record the GPS position at the time of the incident. The system is fail safe.

application mobile et montre connectée pour la navigation en mer

Features :

Location on a map of man overboard and Display of speed and cape and GPS positioning

Request for assistance short message

Emergency at sea numbers

To pair the bracelet and the smartphone

Add a personalized message to receive by SMS in case of man at sea


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