Feasibility study, Proof Of Concept, mobile apps development, software and software packages

Our customers have projects with some maturity degrees more or less advanced. Sometimes, when it comes to a start-up or a new digital product within an existing company, the bill of specifications is made in a summary way and there are still some areas of shadow for the setup of the solution.

In this case, UBIDREAMS is offering a whole range of services:

  • A technical feasibility study
  • The modelling
  • The prototype creation or POC (Proof Of Concept)
  • The package development of softwares and software packages

Development service in delegation and the providing of employees

Our customers have needs in specialized resources in the mobile app  and web development. We are offering to put our collaborators at the disposal of our customers, whether in their headquarters, or at Ubidreams’ headquarters. We have fulfilled some mission in Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, Brest, Angers, and Niort.

Most of the time, our collaborators are on-site during an initial period of a few weeks, and then come back to our own site in La Rochelle and work remotely with our customers.

Thanks to the communication tools like Slack, Skype, Hang out, Youtrack, we are allowing our customers to follow, every day, the progressing of the developments, to make remote meetings and manage our teams by optimizing the business trips costs and favorizing the life quality of our collaborators’ lives, who chose to live in La Rochelle.

Our philosophy is to generates trust with our customers by an initial proximity and a mutual trust between our collaborators and also customers, while favouring the fulfilment of our collaborators in an economic logic of rentability of the projects.

All the code lines developed in this context is the property of our customers.

Advice, expert assessment and training service

Ubidreams accompany its customers in the upstream phases of the reflexion and the preparation to the digital transformation.

  • Audit and strategic analysis
  • Study of the digital transformation
  • RGPD audit
  • Computing security study
  • Mobile devices advices and expert assessments
  • Transfer of skills in the mobile app development

Ubidreams is certified training organism, which authorization number is 75170209617 and is offering trainings