Sugg 1144 & Sugg Pro

Mobile and web app for sharing restaurants’ menu boards

How does it work ?

Sugg is a project composed of 3 applications : 

– Sugg1144 mobile app designed for people : they are able to read every midday the menu board of the restaurants near them and to make a choice

– SuggPro destinée mobile app designed for restorers who wants to share their menu board in the SUgg1144 app, their Google My Business and Facebook account in a few secondes

– A back-office for our client that allows him to manage the SuggPro subscriptions of the restorers

    Mise en situation de l'application Sugg

    Sugg1144 mobile app features:

    icone loupe

    Search menu board by categories

    icone menu

    Find the menu board near you

    icone store

    Read the restaurants information

    icone etoile

    Add some restaurants to your favorites list

    icone podium

    Add some menu board to yout shortlist

    icone premium

    Subscribe to the premium version

    Sugg Pro features

    icone menu

    Capture the menu board and publish it on Sugg1144, Google My Business and Facebook

    icone store

    Edit the restaurant information on the app and automatically update it on Google My Buisness and Facebook

    icone analyse

    Consult the statistics of the menu boards

    Mise en situation de l'application Sugg Pro

    Former students

    App to manage your former students association


    Mobile App & back-office for the management of forward sales of fish and shellfish.


    Application Know Your Customer