The native mode

In this type of development the code is directly written in the smartphone operating system.  The developing tools used are Objective C or Swift for Apple iOS and Java for Android smartphones.

This history mode guarantee an executing velocity but has a major inconvenient which is the need of developing two different apps, one for every manufacturer. As a consequence, it is not something rare that the two versions for the Apple and Android users are a bit different in their uses and the maintenance of the global solution is more complex and expensive than the other way of development.

The classical hybrid mode

In this development mode, the development technologies used are linked to the web world, which means to the only use of JAVASCRIPT, HTML, and CSS. Some “Framework” exist and make more easy the developments by bringing designing tools and coding libraries. We are mainly meeting Cordova, Xamarin, Angular JS, React JS as developing environment.

This developing mode has the advantage of not forcing the development of two different apps for Apple and Android because the same code can be used for both of them. Nevertheless, this classic hybrid mode and history has several technological limits because the Javascript code generated by these different “Framework” are not executing themselves natively in the smartphones’ operating system, they are executing as something linked to the web. That is why, the times of response can be affected, as well as the dialogues with the connected devices and the offline mode could be difficult to be put in place in some cases.

The multiplatform native mode - REACT NATIVE (What we do)

This developing setup uses, as well as the classical hybrid mode, the JAVASCRIPT language as a BASE for the development but is using a particular “Framework” which is called REACT NATIVE and how is showing its name is creating a BRIDGE between the javascript code and the native code, Objective C or Java, in function of the used OS, for Apple and Android. Which means that eh code which is generated by this development is FULL Native and is executing itself in the phone system guaranteeing the same performances as the basic NATIVE.