Ubidreams - A story of innovations in La Rochelle

Once upon a time, in a parallel galaxy only a click away !

2009 : The beginning of an adventure

Doctors of computer science, created a company specialized in the development of multiplatforms mobile applications (hybrids) that they chose to call UbiDreams for “ubiquitous dreams”. At that time it was an avant-gardist company because it was the beginning of smartphones as we know them today. You remember? At that time Justin Bieber was singing “One Time”, Dumbledore was being killed by Drago Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and N. Federer just won the French Open. (What an exciting year!)

2015: A plot twist for Ubidreams

M.Tessier becomes Ubidreams general director. The digital agency hires people and decide to expand the company activity to the connected devices development. The company becomes a technological center and evolve to the react native development. The first slogan created in 2015 was “Reality Beyond Dreams”, which in 2018 was turned into “Dream digital”.

A digital agency in La Rochelle

The beach, the sea air, the coastal architecture, the seagulls’ cries at the dawn give to La Rochelle a personality that is so particular that we are feeling good over there and that we want to settle down there, or at least to come back really often. Paris, or La Côte d’Azur have other advantages but there are only one beauty and rebel like La Rochelle. It favorizes and encourages the creativity and the audacity to undertake and dream of the digital.

The Team

It is composed of engineers and technicians all trained to our technologies sharing the spirit of work and express it through their work but not only. We play Mario Kart games during lunch breaks, and we meet in the pubs on friday nights. And it is this passionate love for mobile applications and connected devices which makes us stand united.

Max TESSIER - Directeur
Max TESSIER - Directeur
Max Tessier\nChief Executive
Photo Théa
Gif Théa
Théa Perez\nUX/UI Designer
Julien ETIEN - Développeur
Julien ETIEN - Développeur
Julien Etien\nDevelopment Engineer
Romain MARQUOIS - Développeur
Romain MARQUOIS - Développeur
Romain Marquois\nFront-end manager
Guillaume GAUDIN - Développeur
Guillaume GAUDIN - Développeur
Guillaume Gaudin\nBack-end developer
Damien ARCHAIMBAULT - Développeur
Damien ARCHAIMBAULT - Développeur
Damien Archaimbault\nFront & back-end developer
Clément MOINE - Développeur
Clément MOINE - Développeur
Clément Moine\nFront-end developer
Audrey NICOLAS - Assistante de direction
Audrey NICOLAS - Assistante de direction
Audrey Nicolas\nExecutive assistant
Romain Petit\nEmbedded software developer
Quentin Chevellereau\nFront-end developer
Photo Ahmed
Gif Ahmed
Ahmed Kolsi\n Back-end developer
Lorris Barbot\n Digital Marketing

We respect the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

On may 25th, 2018 the GDPR will come into effect. This law impose the respect of new confidentiality rules on the use and protection of personal data.

To this end, Ubidreams is currently waiting for its certification. We have chosen our DPO (Data Protection Officer) Guillaume GAUDIN, we have trained all of our team to the personal data protection. We are also foreseeing to train the 4 people from the development team, more specifically about the health data management. Finally, we are already applying the “PRIVACY BY DESIGN” technologies in the development of our digital solutions.

Our employees are being trained with videos, quizzes and comedy playlets.

This training approach the following themes:

  • Introduction to the GDPR
  • The personal or sensitive data treatment
  • Everyone’s responsibility with the data treatment
  • DPO and CNIL’s papers
  • Concrete cases

4 of our employees are going to take a class about the health data treatment.

This awareness campaign approach the following themes:

  • Confidential information about health
  • Legal punishment
  • Patient’s rights
  • Communication regulation about confidential information
  • Good practices for the information confidentiality
  • Information technology security