What is a software package?

Before asking this to yourself, you need to know what is a software. It’s the whole of the programs that serve a task. Sometimes, you may see some people talking about applications instead of softwares, but these are synonyms. In the popular language, it is true that we affiliate “softwares” with an use on computers, and “applications”, with an use on mobiles and tablets. A software package is, therefore, the whole of the programs which serve certain profession or companie. For example, it can help you manage the wage of your collaborators or allow some technicians to rapidly access an execution protocol. The software package custom designed can answer to almost all of your needs. Sky is the limit. At the beginning, these softwares were only destined to computers, but we are observing a migration to the mobiles and tablets.

What is the utility of a mobile software package?

A mobile software package has the same function as one which is on a computer but with some advantages:

  • Mobility
  • Rapidity
  • Ergonomy

Indeed, a mobile or tablet software package can be used everywhere, simply and rapidly. The optimisation on mobiles and tablets oblige us to develop “lighter” apps, and consequently more rapid and easier to use. A mobile software package can enable you to be more efficient than a software package on a computer (except on some rare cases).

Specific development of your software package

You will find thousand of software packages on the Internet, and maybe you are using one at the moment, but are they really adapted to your needs? By working with us, you could have your own software package, and custom designed. To do a specific development enables us to build for you a long lasting software package, efficient and profitable. We will accompany you during all the process of your project, to create the app that looks like you (well, which looks like your company).